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  About Technology    

Designers and Manufacturers of PC’s, routers, switches, RAIDs, network appliances  and other processor-based equipment continually face challenges of more power, more heat dissipation in their offerings. They continue to strive to make their appliances smaller, and thinner. They need smaller more efficient power supply solutions.

Nuvowatt’s solution of smaller and more efficient power supplies provide designers with additional space, reduced heat dissipation [thereby reducing thermal issues and increasing reliability] and also conserving energy.

Nuvowatt has developed high efficiency & high density power supplies using Resonant technology and its derivatives. These provide OEM’s and designers the edge.  They now have more space for their circuitry, better thermal management lower energy consumption.  Nuvowatt has developed one of the smallest volumetric and highly efficient open frame power supplies available. Nuvowatt has achieved power densities of up to 10 Watts per cubic inch and efficiency up to 92%.  Nuvowatt differentiates its power supplies from others through a derivative resonant power conversion technology and the efficient use of packaging techniques. Our approach to power supply design offers cost effective solutions that exceeds the EPA’s new efficiency standards and provides the most environmentally friendly and smallest footprint power conversion products.

A Nuvowatt power supply can pay for itself in a few months of operation due to its high efficiency. All power designs above 75 Watts have Active power factor correction.  This makes the power supplies “power grid” friendly.
Both the designers/manufacturers and their customers win by using Nuvowatt power supplies. Both get the advantages of smaller physical size, less weight, less energy consumption and lower operating cost.

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